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Stress Less, Achieve More

How to Get Things Done – Beyond time management

  • Format: 1 day workshop (6 hours)
  • Breakdown: 3 hours in the training room, 3 hours at-desk coaching
  • Maximum delegates: 15
  • Result: 82% of delegates implement a new workflow system & feel more in control of their work

Tame your time

Too much to do’, in too little time and a constant sense of ‘information overload’? 1 in 5 employees are off work with stress each year. The old ‘time management’ models are abstract, out-dated and don’t work.

“How to Get Things Done” is a practical workshop designed to help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain greater control and clarity in your work and life. We focus on habits, choices, actions, attention and energy as well as project-planning and the art of perfect ‘to-do lists’ to help you and your team learn how to get things done.

We’ll look at leading contemporary productivity models and psychology, but crucially, we’ll also work practically through “at-desk coaching” to help you implement your own simple, foolproof personal workflow system to organise and define your work, and by the end of the day you’ll feel in complete control.

What our clients say:

“I liked the refreshing nature of the ideas presented. It was very different to the traditional time management course I had done and also I liked the opportunity to put the theory into practice during the day. I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.”"
Ross Opie, University of Bristol. 

“Unlike previous training sessions with other companies in which you gather an attractive collection of paper with methodologies that you keep but never look at again, Think Productive’s training provided me with tools that I have found useful and easy to implement. For example my ‘weekly review’ has actually become an invaluable part of my week, it helps me focus on what matters. I would recommend Think Productive to companies who have a staff team who are feeling stressed and overworked.”
Nicola Lester-Price, Zion Arts Centre

“I feel ready to take on the world.”
Kelly Manthorp, Unltd