The Problem

DoneGraham’s transition from charity chief executive to freelance consultant was what inspired ‘Think Productive’. As a leader, Graham always had a great team of ‘do-ers’ around him who could help him follow through and keep track of all the tasks and projects he’d set himself. Naturally disorganized and working alone, Graham suddenly realised his own skills needed an overhaul, so he set about devouring books, blogs and videos about all things productivity. Initially inspired by the likes of David Allen, Stephen Covey and Merlin Mann, Graham’s own productivity began to skyrocket and he started to develop his own systems and methods.

His ‘lightbulb moment’ came when he realised everyone else was as stressed and information-overloaded as he used to be! He began teaching them his new techniques, particularly focussing on a ‘blended learning’ approach that combines both principle and practicality: time spent in the workshop room and time spent at-desk coaching. And the rest is history![/border]


The Solution

How_to_get_things_done2Our experience working in a range of charity, government and business settings is that people are struggling with the growing sense of information overload, and struggling with the ambiguity, uncertainty and stress that this causes. Our experience is also that conventional ‘time management’ training is useless: 20 years behind the times, with out-dated models that assume that time is actually the thing that needs to be managed.

Our approach is more fundamental. We work practically to develop better habits and behaviours, and focus on helping people to manage their attention. We give people tools, but we also follow through with our ‘at-desk coaching’, by sitting at people’s desks and helping them figure out the best ways of working for them.[/border]



Our workshops, with organizations like the Cabinet Office, eBay, Barclays, the National Trust, the National Council of Voluntary Organizations, University College London and British Airways are now a big success, and people in these organizations are reporting tangible increases in productivity simply from spending a few hours with our workshops and coaching. Our focus is on improving performance. We are genuinely passionate about productivity, and we love helping organizations to shake off stress and uncertainty and develop playful, productive momentum.[/border]