Doing business the right way

Business sustainability

Training workshops produce a lot of paper! Our workshops ONLY use recycled paper and we make sure we recycle left-over handouts by reusing them next time we run the same session. We are a carbon neutral company too.

Working with charities

BadgeCharities are a really important part of the economy and we do everything we can do help. For a start, our founder Graham Allcott runs a social enterprise that provides consultancy and training for charities whether they can afford to pay for it or not. Graham’s long-term vision is to have an army of productivity ninjas running Think Productive so that he can spend as much time as possible developing new charities and social enterprises. For now, though, Graham is involved at board-level with Centrepoint, The Choir With No Name and READ International as well as mentoring a small number of charity-sector professionals with their careers.

Being a good employer

Think Productive has recently become a training employer through the Future Jobs Fund. We have taken on three members of staff whose wages are subsidized through the fund for the first six months whilst they develop their skills after periods of being unemployed. There’s no better way to develop your employability skills than working for an employer where high standards of productivity is not just an aspiration but core to what we teach and do![/border]

Our values and how we work

Professional: We walk our own talk and practice what we preach. All of our staff maintain ‘Inbox Zero’ levels of efficiency and use our very own ‘CORD’ workflow process to keep on top of our work accurately and productively. We also use techniques from Verne Harnish’s ‘Rockerfeller Habits’ such as his ‘Daily Huddle’ and provide our staff with regular supervision and feedback opportunities.

Passionate and playful: We believe our work has soul and it makes a difference. We’re driven by the knowledge that what we do has the potential to change peoples’ lives and that’s as profound as it is important to us. We’re on a mission to reduce stress levels and increase happiness by developing playful productive momentum in peoples’ working lives.

about_usPsychology, not technology: We focus on habits and thinking, not on computer programmes. We’ll turn our hand to Outlook rules and loads of other stuff that we know is useful and productive, but we don’t want to work for any organization that thinks we’re just the ICT training people.

Practical: Our ‘at-desk’ approach means that change happens before we even leave the building, and learning is not ‘lost in the day-to-day chaos’. We realize how busy people are. Most organizations and employees simply don’t have the time to invest in days and days of training like perhaps we all once did. So our workshops include the at-desk coaching to make things happen there and then. Within three hours, within a day, whatever it takes.