Do you work in a ‘Human Institution’ or a bureaucratic nightmare?

14/7/2010 |

I met up with Liam Barrington-Bush, co-founder of Concrete Solutions, who has been looking at why organisations lose their ability to act like common-sense and empathetic humans and become bureaucratic, inefficient and inflexible places to try and get things done. Let us know what you think – we all play a part in developing, reinforcing or challenging organisational cultures, both good and bad, so hopefully this is some food for thought.

Liam’s doing some really interest work. Here’s some details…
To register for the July 22nd Concrete Solutions’ workshop, ‘Seeds to Grow a Human Institution’: Click Here
To find out more about Liam and Concrete Solutions: Click Here
Or email [email protected] for more info

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  1. Talking 'Human Institutions' w/ Graham Allcott | concrete solutions c.i.c.

    […] I was recently invited by Graham Allcott of ThinkProductive, to record a conversation about some of the human institutions ideas I’ve been kicking around.  If you get past my moderately frantic body language (does anyone else get this excited about management structures???), I think we managed to pull out some good ideas on where bureaucracy comes from (even in the most well-meaning public and voluntary organisations) and what we can each do in our workplaces to find alternative ways of getting things done. […]


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