• Format

    Live virtual webinar

  • Breakdown

    30 minutes of helpful tips and strategies plus 15 minutes of Q&A

  • No. of participants

    Up to 500

  • Results

    Meet Less, Focus on Outcomes and Get Stuff Done

  • Presented by
    • Graham Allcott, Founder of Think Productive & Author of 'How to Fix Meetings'
    • Hayley Watts, Productivity Ninja and Author of 'How to Fix Meetings'

Zoom fatigue? Calendar full of meetings that could just be an email? Online and offline, too much valuable time is wasted in meetings. 

Join Productivity Ninjas Graham Allcott and Hayley Watts, authors of the ‘How to Fix Meetings’ book, at our free webinars to help you gain control of your calendar and to start making stuff for what matters.

To join us, pick a date that suits you best from the list below and register for your free space:

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