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Productivity Experts Reveal
their Top Secrets:

An evening of Productivity, Psychology
and Technology

To address the question of “why are we always so busy?” the teams behind Think Productive and Evernote are joining forces and inviting you to an evening of insights, findings, and other tips of the trade. We’ll not only dispel any uncertainties or fears you may harbor about the modern workplace, but we’ll set you on the right path to success.

Productivity Ninja Grace Marshall at Connect London

As our work lives get ever busier and yet the UK’s productivity remains flat, Productivity Ninja Grace Marshall challenges the three productivity myths that are fuelling the busyness epidemic. Grace has been helping 100's of organisations to stay focussed on the important tasks and increase output.

How to be a Productivity Ninja with JCI Cambridge

Join us at JCI Cambridge as we learn not only how to manage our workload but how to move beyond being busy to being productive!

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