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Worry Less. Achieve More. Love what you do.

There is a new way to get things done in the age of information overload – the way of the ninja!

How to be a Productivity Ninja is a relevant, timely and essential read for every twenty-first century worker bogged down by information overload. Become more productive than you imagined possible in your work life – and your personal life too.

Graham addresses why traditional time management theory and practice fails in the real world, and presents a revolutionary approach to help tuen you into a productivity ninja.

  • Learn the tools, strategies and systems embraced by thousands of Think Productive’s workshop participants.
  • Revolutionise your approach to email, learning the art of getting and keeping your inbox at zero.
  • Forget 80% of your meetings and make the other 20% the highlight of your day.
  • Stop relying on your to-do lists and learn the four key habits that guarantee you relaxed control and peak productivity.