How To Be REALLY Productive – Paperback

29/11/2016 |


Replace stress, overwhelm, guilt, ‘headless chicken’, constantly trying to go faster on the hamster wheel with satisfaction, meaning, sense of achievement, calm & control.

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Too much to do, not enough time is an age old problem. There are plenty of books dedicated to the subject of time management, information management, and essentially ‘how to go faster on the hamster wheel’.

Grace takes the conversation further – away from the hamster wheel – to look at the whole picture that contributes to being really productive – the conversations we have, the way we work as teams with other human beings, our mindset, our emotions and our personality, as well the quality of our life at work and outside work.

‘This book will challenge you to think differently about your work… and probably your life, too!’
Graham Allcott, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja


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