Productivity Ninja Highlights of 2018

14/12/2018 |

As we’re steadily approaching the end of the year, it’s time to reminisce. 2018 has been a year filled with new launches, celebrations, events and of course many productivity training sessions all around the world. It’s been challenging to pick our favorites, but here’s a break down of 8 of our Productivity Ninja highlights of 2018. 


2018 Productivity Ninja Highlights


1) Productivity Ninja Implementation at Rebel Kitchen & Positive Steps 

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen us sharing quotes and testimonials from various clients across all industries and parts of the world. This year, we’ve also shared some more in-depth client stories with you. The innovative, plant-based brand, Rebel Kitchen, has given us an insight into their teams’ implementation of the ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja‘ session we’ve run with them. You can read more about the team and how they’ve all turned into Productivity Ninjas here, but below is also one of our personal highlight from the case study:

“Everyone uses the same tool, so there’s a base level of productivity throughout the team. We all speak the same productivity language.”


We also ran two sessions of our ‘The Way of the Productivity Ninja‘ interactive seminar with the team at UK charity, Positive Steps. We’ve put together a video highlighting some of the team’s feedback as well as an interview with their director, Paul Axon, to find out how they’ve been getting on 6 months after their productivity training with us.




2) Our most popular blog post published in 2018 

As a regular follower, reader, or newsletter subscriber, you’ll know that we’ve published quite a number of blog posts over the year. One of our most popular ones published in 2018 is the “Key to Ninja Productivity – the Weekly Checklist” blog post. You can have a read of the full piece here.

We also want to challenge you to plan in a bigger review before the end of the year.  A review in which you take a look at the past year and identify what’s been going well and what hasn’t, why it’s gone well/why it hasn’t gone well and your main lessons learned from this year. Then have a look at the year ahead and pin down some plans and goals. To help you form goals you’ll be able to stick to – here’s a video of Graham Allcott taking you through the Productivity Ninja approach to new year’s resolutions.



3) Time for a Refresh 

During the summer of 2018, we didn’t just rename our meetings training but also gave it a bit of a revamp. Our ‘Fixing Meetings‘ workshop is filled with lots of new tools and techniques to empower your team to cheekily and positively disrupt bad or outdated meeting habits. As part of the revamp, we also shared our own internal Think Productive meetings manifesto, which you can find on The Productivity Ninja Academy.

At the same time we also launched two brand new sessions available for your teams: our creativity and innovation workshop and our partnership offer with The MayDays.

Our ‘How to be a Creative Genius‘ workshop will ensure your teams’ ideas are innovative and inspiring. You’ll also discover new creative techniques to problem solving, which we’ll showcase by working on real-time, active projects and problems you’re facing.

The ‘Productive Improvisation for Leaders‘ is perfect for team away days, senior executive training days, etc. Our team of Productivity Ninjas will first take you through productivity and wellbeing boosting ideas and techniques with our ‘The Way of the Productivity Ninja‘ session. Following on, The Maydays will teach you how to improvise – the ultimate leadership superpower.



4) The Productivity Ninja Academy Gets a Makeover 

Our online learning hub, The Productivity Ninja Academy, relaunched mid-year with a brand new look as well as lots of new content for Productivity Ninjas in training to dive into. The relaunch came with a brand new membership option, as well as lots more features to gain access to. We are constantly updating our content and exclusive offers for ‘Black Belt’ members, so whether you’re looking to strengthen your Ninja skills, refresh your inbox zero skills or want to chat to fellow individuals who are also looking to improve their wellbeing – come take a look.


Productivity Ninja Email Tips



5) Brand New Beyond Busy Season 

Graham Allcott’s podcast ‘Beyond Busy‘ features interviews with people from all walks of life, with a focus on productivity, work-life balance, happiness and success. Not too long ago, the second season launched. So far, we’ve had the pleasure to listen to:

Sam Conniff Allende – the serial social entrepreneur chats to Graham about ethical marketing and disruptive advertising. Together they also settle the score as to who would win between a pirate and a ninja.

Sally-Anne Airey – the leadership coach, discusses identity, mindfulness, leadership in the Royal Navy and parenting with Graham.

Grace Petrie – the singer-songwriter talks to Graham about gigging, protest singers, gender identity and acceptance.

Mark Dodgson & David Gann – the two professors and authors of ‘The Playful Entrepreneur’ discuss learning and innovation, problematic depictions of entrepreneurship in popular media and the importance of experimentation in work.


6) Meeting-Free August for Think Productive’s HQ 

Our HQ team in the UK ran a new experiment this summer. In the month of August they decided to cancel all internal meetings and go an entire month without meetings. Knowing that historically August was the most popular month for team members to go on annual leave, it gave everyone left in the office a chance to crack on with project work and save time for the ones jetting off to various holiday destinations through not having to reschedule a bunch of meetings. The team absolutely loved it and have added it to our meetings manifesto. It also gave everyone the opportunity to re-evaluate which meetings are needed and how often they are needed.

Our Managing Director, Elena, also summarized the experience over on LinkedIn.


Productivity Ninja End of Year Review



7) Our Biggest Public Workshop with At-Desk Implementation 

In 2018 our UK team also ran the biggest public workshop to date. The full-day workshop in London had 3 Productivity Ninjas in the room, guiding approximately 40 participants through the 9 characteristics of the Productivity Ninja and helping them set up new workflow systems in our at-desk implementation.


More Public Workshops in 2019

Not to worry if you couldn’t make it to any of our public workshops in 2018, because we’ve got many more coming up in the new year. We’re actually kicking off the new year with 2 workshops in one week – first our virtual Inbox to Zero Challenge, followed by a full day How to be a Productivity Ninja workshop in London. Check out all our upcoming dates following the link below and secure your tickets.


8) The Triple Overload Whitepaper & Roadshow 

It’s fair to say that there have been massive changes in the way people work throughout the past decade and certainly also through 2018. Because technology enables us to work from wherever and whenever we want to work, our attention is becoming a resource we need to protect more and more.

The Triple Overload is the biggest threat to our attention. So much that we’ve teamed up with Evernote this past year to bring out a whitepaper looking at the factors of the triple overload and how we can successfully protect our attention. We also followed on from the publication of the whitepaper with a roadshow through multiple cities within England, which also gave us a great opportunity to connect further with some of you Productivity Ninjas in training.


New Year


What We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

With the current year coming to a close, we’re also following our own advice from above and are starting to look at the new year ahead. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re looking forward to:

New Books: The revised and updated version of best-seller ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ is out in shops on January 3rd 2019. It’ll feature a completely new chapter on improving our relationship with our phones, as well as various updates and recommendations throughout. If you want to be one of the first one’s to receive a fresh copy, make sure you pre-order the book now.
Later on in 2019, Graham Allcott is also bringing out 2 entirely new books. One on work fuel and nutrition, and one all around Ninja meetings.

Productivity Conference: Our UK team are also working on putting together our first productivity conference happening in autumn 2019 in Brighton. More information to come soon, so watch this space!

New Workshops: As you know, we’ve completely revamped our facilitation training and introduced two new workshops in 2018. As we’re heading into the new year, we’re continuing this trend and we’ll be launching more new workshops in 2019. Some titles to keep an eye out for: ‘Chair Meetings like a Productivity Ninja’, ‘Delegate like a Productivity Ninja’, ‘Elevate your Critical Thinking’, ‘Supercharge your Virtual Meetings’, ‘Ninja in Residence’ and many more to come.


In summary – it’s been a fantastic year and we’re excited to head into 2019 together with all of you Productivity Ninjas in training out there! Have a great holiday season and see you in the new year!


By Hannah Urbanek
Hannah is Think Productive’s Head of Outreach and the voice behind our social media and editorial content. You can connect with Hannah directly here or on LinkedIn


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