• Format

    3 hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    60% training and discussion, 40% planning and putting the ground work in place

  • Participants

    Up to 20

  • Results

    A new plan for each participant about what to delegate and how to do it - to improve productivity and communication, reduce stress and create an organisation of thinkers.

  • Key Benefits
    • Taking a fresh look at what stops you delegating and overcoming this.
    • Planning what delegation will look like in the future and in detail, so people can leave the session ready to put learning into action.
    • Taking the time to consider the strengths of the people around you and allowing for better delegation to the right people.

Empower Your Team. Reclaim Your Time.

Did you know that by optimizing the way your people delegate, you can build an organisation of thinkers? Delegating and doing it brilliantly empowers your team members to think and to problem-solve in new and innovative ways. Suddenly you are building a culture of thinking, engaged, motivated problem-solvers, rather than a culture of overloaded, responsibility-burdened managers.

This workshop shares our Productivity Ninja® approach to brilliant delegation, helps your people see how their delegation style can affect others, and reveals the unstoppable personal and wider benefits of delegation to reclaim time and reshape the culture to create an organisation of thinkers.

Great news for teams working from home! 

This popular workshop is also deliverable as a live virtual, interactive webinar.

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Who is it for?

Our delegation training is for people who have others to delegate to – up, down, sideways, internally or externally. A good proportion of this training will be spent doing, so people will leave ready to start delegating the right things to the right people.

Making it Stick!

We’re passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That’s why every workshop participant gets a copy of Graham’s book, practical handouts and exclusive access to The Productivity Ninja Academy.