• Format

    3 hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% group training and discussion, 50% individual and group coaching

  • Participants

    20 maximum

  • Results

    Develop a creative mindset and practical toolkit for generating brilliant ideas and solving tricky problems

  • Key Benefits
    • Strategies for building a creative mindset - the courage to question the status quo and take creative risks
    • Practical tools and techniques for solving problems and generating ideas

Taking a productive approach to the blank page

Originality is at the heart of creativity. So how do you ensure your ideas are as original as possible? It’s all about finding fresh ground by going against the grain, eschewing conformity and ignoring the rulebook.

Sounds easy? For some maverick creatives, it may be. But for many of us, the Productivity Ninja included, this can seem like a risky approach – so the desire to avoid failure leads us to create ideas that are safe, and often these safe ideas turn out to be pretty dull and uninspiring.

In this workshop we’ll reveal why your brain stops you from thinking creatively, and how to notice when your brain leads you towards safe ideas. To counter this we’ll challenge you to try lots of new and diverse experiences to increase the quantity and quality of ideas you generate.

We’ll also help you view opportunities from different perspectives, and learn how to get others to listen to, understand and like your ideas.

Making it Stick!

We’re passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That’s why every workshop participant gets a copy of Graham’s book, practical handouts and exclusive access to The Productivity Ninja Academy.