Influencing & Persuading

Transform the way you influence with active listening, empathetic questioning and positive framing.

Do you wish you were better at influencing and persuading others? Your ability to influence is one of the key skills needed for success in the workplace.

The old style of command and control (just telling people!) is giving way to collaboration, cross team and partnership working. When you empower your team to influence and persuade the right way, you open up the doors to active listening, empathetic listening and an understanding of how culture influences persuation.

This workshop will help you understand how influencing works and give you the opportunity to reflect on your personal style. You’ll be equipped with practical tips, techniques and strategies to increase your confidence to influence effectively.


17th November 2021

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to “sell” as part of their role, that could be selling a product to a customer, selling a project to a budget holder or convincing your team to take on a new project.

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