• Format

    2 hour webinar

  • Breakdown

    60% training and discussion, 40% planning and putting the ground work in place

  • No. of participants

    Up to 20

  • Results

    Helping you to reduce how much time you spend in meetings. Making the online meetings that you do attend engaging and productive.

  • Key Feature
    • Participants leave with a set of practical tools to help them have better meetings and to positively challenge the culture of their organization's meeting addictions.
    • This workshop includes making practical changes to real work to ensure change happens on the day.

We’re on a mission to change the way the world thinks about meetings. We want to create a culture where no one has to sit in boring, pointless or unproductive meetings again and to prevent your calendar from being fully booked all day every day.

More and more meetings are happening online, and this webinar addresses some of the challenges (and opportunities) in the online space. This 2-hour webinar will help your team make the most of any time spent in meetings, focusing specifically on the ones that take place online, but there are lots of tips that will also apply to your face-to-face meetings.

Latest Covid-19 Update

As with all our workshops, we continue to adjust how we work in line with the latest government safety guidelines. Therefore, all of our Public Workshops will be going ahead as a Live Virtual Online sessions.

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