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How to be a Productivity Ninja is our “time management” workshop. But we feel “time management” is out of date as a concept. We go beyond “time management” and look at how to manage the demands on our time and attention, in the age of information overload. It’s about changing your mindset and working smart.

We do! Our workshop ‘Project Management 101‘ is designed for people new to Project Management who are keen to learn the basics and to leave with practical tips and techniques to apply right away.

  • Our experience is that the ideas and material in our workshops are beneficial to all sorts of job roles, and not restricted to particular levels of seniority.
  • We’ve had everyone from CEOs to administrators, in all sorts of organisations and industries, benefit from our training.
  • The key element when it comes to determining relevance is how much discretionary decision making and personal workflow juggling people have in their job role, and therefore how much choice they have in how they approach and execute their work, week by week, day by day and hour by hour.
  • Anyone who has to solve the almost universal problem of what to do when, in what order, and juggling different demands, commitments and activities into a fixed capacity we will be able to help.
  • As long as the different participants are content to be working together, then a mixed seniority group is fine from our point of view.
  • However, if someone’s job is very process based and involves executing repetitive operational tasks in an order that is predominantly set by others (or perhaps by an ICT or finance system), then our ideas and techniques might very well be less relevant.
  • With our large team of Productivity Ninjas and subject-matter experts we can usually accomodate whatever specific date/time requests you have. We would recommend that we put 1 or 2 dates on hold for you asap as dates tend to get snatched up pretty quickly!
  • We can hold these dates for a week for you, whilst you canvass the best date from the team.
  • In terms of lead time, our preference is to have at least a week’s notice, but we can turn our logistics around quicker if you need us to and you’re ready to book now!

We are more than happy to provide you with a quote upon emailing us at hello@thinkproductive.co.uk or calling us at 01273 913 217.

You’ll be introduced to our very helpful Client Services team who will guide you through the whole process. We aim to make your journey with Think Productive as easy as possible. He’s a little look at what the journey entails…