Roll-Out Programmes

Over the years we have partnered with companies and Managed Learning Service Providers wanting to roll out workshops to teams not only over one country, but also to teams over various countries too. We currently deliver our core Workshops in Dutch, English, French and German.

When everyone in an organization is using the same “ninja mindset” we teach in our workshops, it’s a powerful thing!

We help lift the fog that comes with information overload.  Communication between team members becomes more action-oriented and focused on the bigger picture.  Individuals gain focus, control, cleanliness and sharp edges in their work.  Teams are more agile, resilient and focused on the work that matters.  They are more productive.

Productivity Ninja Agility

Clients coming back to us time and time again tell us that there is a palpable difference in those members of staff who have been on our workshops and those who haven’t.  They are achieving more and stressing less.  Progressive organisations see that, and that’s why they are investing in our programmes to create that kind of impact across the board.

We don’t charge any extra for managing these larger programmes – in fact, we love them as we get to be part of a big positive cultural change across organisations.

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