Delegate like a Productivity Ninja

Empower Your Team. Reclaim Your Time.

Did you know that by optimizing the way your people delegate, you can build an organisation of thinkers?

Delegating and doing it brilliantly empowers your team members to think and problem-solve in new and innovative ways. Suddenly, you are building a culture of thinking, engaged, motivated problem-solvers rather than a culture of overloaded, responsibility-burdened managers.

This workshop shares our Productivity Ninja® approach to brilliant delegation, helps your people see how their delegation style can affect others, and reveals the unstoppable personal and wider benefits of delegation to reclaim time and reshape the culture to create an organisation of thinkers.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has someone to manage or if you rely on others to do things within a matrix structure. This could be within your team or delegating to external contractors.

Can't wait to delegate :)

Workshop Participant, Crown Prosecution Service