Why we don’t work Fridays

Uncovering the secrets of the Four Day Week.

Think Productive launched its Four Day Week back in 2011 (waaaay before it was “cool” or on anyone else’s radar) and have never looked back.

As productivity experts, and global pioneers of the 4 Day Working Week, we’re often asked: how on earth do you fit 5 days into 4?

Join us on this inspiring Keynote as we reveal the incredible benefits, challenges and strategies for a successful 4 Day Week, from the unique perspective of a team of productivity and wellbeing geeks.

After over a decade of working in this way, we can truly say it’s life-changing, and firmly believe it’s the future of work.

In the meantime, even if the 4DW feels like a distant pipedream, we’ll show you, the enlightened knowledge worker, how to use the Productivity Ninja® mindset and strategies to make space for what matters.

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This has inspired me! Your team is ALWAYS amazing. I LOVE the forward thinking.

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