Implementation Clinic

A follow-up clinic with your Productivity Ninja to stay accountable, reflect, and celebrate new habits.

Our mission is to inspire lasting work transformation. All our workshops are designed to maximise the workshop’s impact and make new habits stick. But we’re all human. We know what it’s like to leave a workshop with the best of intentions, and in the absence of accountability and continued momentum, it can be easier to go back to old habits.

Our solution is simple: if your people know they’ll be meeting up again after the workshop, that they’ll be held accountable whilst being supported to keep up the new habits. That is where the magic happens – the sweet spot.

Our Clinics empower learners to create sustainable change that fosters a culture of continuous learning. By promoting reflection and shared experiences, we cultivate a supportive environment where learners can thrive – together.

Key benefits:

  • Reinforcement and application: reinforce the concepts, skills, and strategies learned in the workshop. This allows participants to apply what they have learned in a supportive environment, ensuring the information is internalized and effectively implemented.
  • Accountability and follow-through: participants can set goals, celebrate progress, and receive feedback, which increases their motivation to follow through with the workshop’s teachings and make sustainable changes.
  • Personalized attention: troubleshoot specific challenges, reflect, and receive tailored guidance from their Productivity Ninja.
  • Cost-effective: by leveraging the benefits of group dynamics, participants can access high-quality group coaching to maximise the learning ROI.

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