KIND: Inspirational Keynote by Graham Allcott

The 8 Principles of Kindful Leadership

It’s often thought that, as leaders, we have to choose between a kind working environment or a high-performing one. This keynote sets out to prove that kindness actually drives success.

Based on the scientific research and leadership principles from Graham Allcott’s book KIND, this keynote will show you how kind acts lead to higher levels of teamwork, innovation and productivity as well as help shift work culture and society at large to something better.

A bit about Graham…

Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive, the UK’s leading productivity training company.  Think Productive’s team of Productivity Ninjas are hired by some of the world’s leading companies, government organizations and charities to run our unique in-house time management training workshops and at-desk coaching.

Graham is also a Podcast Host at Beyond Busy, author of “How to be a Productivity Ninja”, “How to Have the Energy” & “How to Fix Meetings“, and keynote speaker on productivity.

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