Microsoft for Productivity Ninjas

Bossing the tech.

Outlook emails. Teams calls. Teams messages … the list goes on!

Microsoft applications were all designed to serve the user and positively affect their productivity. Yet so many of our clients tell us that these same applications are in fact their main barrier to productivity. They are simply getting in the way of people getting stuff done.

What we’ll cover

This workshop is designed for humans – not technology geeks (though ‘geeks’ are always welcome!). Learn how to utilise and connect essential features across a range of Microsoft applications to take control of your attention and mindset. All in human-speak.

You’ll discover a whole host of Microsoft tools and features that will rock your world and create more thinking space. Be blown away by the possibilities for project collaboration and planning within Microsoft Teams.

You’ll get in control of your actual workload by building a workable ‘Microsoft second brain’ system right there on the day, supported by your Productivity Ninja®.

Opened my eyes to so many new tools that I now use every day

Elena Kerrigan, Think Productive MD