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Upgrade your plate. Transform your day.

We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but in practice it often seems impossible alongside a busy lifestyle and our work schedules. What we eat and fuel ourselves with each day is often bottom of our to-do list. But what if that didn’t have to have to be the case? What if your meals actually gave you more time, boosting your productivity, increasing your focus, and ensuring that you don’t fall victim to that daily 3pm energy slump? What if with a few easy upgrades, you could transform your plate and your entire day at the same time.

Ultimately WE get to choose how WE want to feel through small acts each day. The magic really happens when these become regular parts of our routine, we need to be aware of not just the WHAT to eat, but WHEN and most importantly HOW to make it happen.

In this masterclass we simplify the often complex world of nutrition, through distilling the key practices we need to adopt to help us make regular energising choices. We show you how to start immediately and the key supportive habits and practices that ensure we are able to choose energy no matter our schedules, our cooking skills or what’s in the fridge!

For this session we’ve partnered up with Optimum Living, whose founder, Colette Heneghan, co-authored “How to Have the Energy” book with Think Productive Founder Graham Allcott.

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