Project Management 101

Be the Project Manager that wows the rest!

Project Management is one of the key skills areas needed to be productive in the work place.

We all have to deliver high-value project outcomes.  But not all of us have a formal Project Management qualification. So, how do we achieve what we need to achieve?

By the end of this workshop, participants will have a simple, repeatable framework for delivering large and small projects on time, on budget and effectively.  Every time.

This full day session is designed for those new to project management, keen to learn the basics and to leave with practical tips and techniques to apply right away. It would also be very useful for those who have some experience of small projects and want to further develop their skills.

Join our Productivity Ninja Russell Caird, who’ll cover the key aspects of managing a project enabling you to build a project from scratch.

Working on your own case study, you will learn and apply the many tools and techniques involved. The course deals with planning, estimating time, budgeting and costing, and risk analysis. We also explore the ‘people’ skills involved: communicating with project teams, stakeholders and project champions.

Upcoming dates:

27th November 2024