Stealth & Camouflage

Learn how to create focus & get real work done.

It’s not really about time management – the real action is in attention management.

The ability to create focus, concentrate and flow, and get some real work done.

That’s never been easy – but now it’s harder than ever.

Email pings, Teams messages, WhatsApps groups, SMS and phone calls, plus all the people who arrive at your deskside who want “2 minutes” – a torrent of digital and physical interruptions.
Good work requires team play and collaboration too for sure (and we love that as well!), but sometimes you just need to get your head down and ‘solo mode’ for a while.

In this session we’ll be doing some deep work with one of our favourite Productivity Ninja characteristics – ‘Stealth and Camouflage’.

Want to know how we use the Physical, Digital and Social versions of stealth and camouflage to win back peace and space for our brains to do what they are best at?

Then set your messaging status to ‘Away’, phone to ‘Do not Disturb’, Emails to ‘Work Offline’ mode, and join us for this playful, practical session.