The Four Tendencies

The 4 Tendencies
The 4 Tendencies

Create long-lasting habits & transform your working relationships.

Applying Gretchen Rubin’s “Four Tendencies”, the amazingly simple but powerful personality profiling model, to your world of work will not only transform your understanding of what motivates you and your colleagues but will also open up a whole new toolbox for how to communicate with stakeholders and customers at every level.

During this session we’ll explore the pros and cons of each tendency and help you to identify which tendency applies to you and to those around you.  With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to really tailor your communications and interactions with your colleagues (trust us, they will no longer ignore you!), but also to wider groups and stakeholders outside your own “tendency bubble”.

We’ll even spend some time action-planning how you will use these techniques in real life. (And the benefits very often spill out into your personal relationships too, making life better for you and those close to you!).

Who should attend?

  • Anyone at any level who is a human and works with other humans!
  • Anyone who wants to be better at creating habits for themselves.

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