The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Hybrid Working

Making great work happen, wherever we are.

Hybrid working has become the norm for many organisations. We may be familiar with the technology and even have clear policies in place, but what about our personal productivity practices? How we work – individually and collectively – in different locations and with distributed teams?

This session will guide you through the ‘4 Modes of Work’ that exist in the hybrid world, sharing strategies to maximise your productivity and wellbeing in each one.

You’ll learn why attention management matters now, more than ever. We’ll guide you through finding the right balance between focus and collaboration, avoiding disconnection and over-connection. And you’ll come away with ideas, inspiration and practical tools to make great work happen, wherever you are – both for yourself, and for your team.

I found the different types of working very informative - I never gave it much thought, but it makes sense. Also, ideas on how I can protect my attention and my best working time - I will definitely make use of those tools ASAP!

Workshop Participant, Uni of Edinburgh

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