We Need to Talk

Replacing fear with clarity when giving feedback

Have you ever had a terrible feedback experience?

If you said yes, you are not alone! Both giving – and receiving – feedback can be stressful and uncomfortable! Usually, it’s because we’ve had a bad experience and it’s continuing to linger.

Time to replace those negative experiences with positive ones! We’ll get you seeing feedback as a GIFT – an opportunity to invest in someone else’s growth (and your own!).

In “We need to talk” you’ll learn how to deliver feedback in a way that is truthful AND shows care for the other person. The feedback you share will be kind, timely, behaviour-based, relevant, and actionable. (You’ll also learn how to receive feedback graciously – also a common source of awkwardness for many of us!)

And, while you cannot control what another person thinks or how they feel, your approach and intent will create an environment that is steeped in psychological safety.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to deliver both positive and constructive feedback with the confidence that you’ve been intentional, clear, and caring, setting up the highest possibility for success.

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