10 Reasons Why a Wellness Program Is Good for Your Employees

Employee well-being is monumental to the success of any business. Good workplace health helps employees to stay focused and productive throughout each workday. One of the best ways to improve workplace health is through wellness programs. Wellness programs consist of a wide variety of company incentives, corporate events and workshops to support employees’ physical, emotional and mental needs. Workshops may focus on everything from time management training and stress reduction to improving health and nutrition. There are lots of great corporate venues for hire that can help make the hosting process easier.

Most often, implementing a well thought out wellness program is worth the time, money and effort. Here are 10 benefits of wellness programs for employees.

The Impact of Workplace Programs

Improved Physical Health

Wellness programs encourage employees to maintain a healthier lifestyle. This could be initiated in various ways, such as through company-sponsored sporting events and fitness competitions, health screenings or educational workshops focused on nutrition. By staying active and eating well regularly, your employees will have higher energy levels and be in better physical health.

Team Wellness Program

Increased Self Esteem

Wellness programs that promote healthier lifestyles can ultimately lead to an improved physical image, which can have a positive impact on employees’ overall self-esteem. The better employees feel inside and out, the more confident they will be coming to work every day. You might also inspire your team members to be more confident in the work they are producing.

Makes Work More Fun

Employees need the chance to have fun with their coworkers in order to stay interested in their jobs. A wellness program gives employees the much-needed opportunity to de-stress, whether it’s through fitness activities, fun team building games or stress release classes like yoga.

Building a Productivity Ninja Culture

Stronger Social Culture 

Wellness workshops are a great opportunity for employees to spend more time with each other and get to know each other better. This is fundamental in improving the social culture within the workplace and bettering relations between coworkers.

How Wellness Affects Productivity

Increased Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction has a major impact on workplace productivity. If employees aren’t satisfied in their job, it can affect their motivation and drive. Wellness programs aim to give employees a more positive outlook on every day work tasks by improving the overall company culture.

Improved Work Performance

Poor health is a main cause of low productivity at work. A healthier and happier lifestyle leaves employees feeling more energized, focused and driven to get work done. Plus, if employees feel like the company actually cares about their well-being, they will be more motivated to perform to the very best of their abilities.

Productivity Ninja Resolutions

Increased Company Loyalty

A wellness program suggests to employees that the company cares about their health and general well-being. This makes each employee feel well taken care of within the company, which helps to increase company loyalty, productivity, and ultimately reduce employee turnover.

Reduced Absenteeism

The happier employees are to come to work, the less likely they are to take leave days or leave the job completely. Since wellness programs can help improve job satisfaction, it results in higher work output and reduced cost of employee turnover.

How does Time Management Improve Productivity?

Effective Time Management Skills

Workshops focused on time management are incredibly valuable for increasing workplace productivity. Time management training is all about teaching employees how to manage their energy and attention. This helps them learn how to deal with distractions better throughout each work day and make better choices with their time.

Leaving on Time

Decreased Stress

Bad time management can cause a lot of stress within the workplace. Better time management strategies can reduce those feelings of guilt and anxiety about incomplete work and deadlines looming, and keep employees well focused and in control of their work. The less your employees stress, the more and better results they will achieve.

By Johanna Cider
Johanna Cider is a New Zealand based writer with experience writing across a range of topics including health, wellness and lifestyle.  You can read more of her work on her Tumblr.

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