3-Day Weekends For a Better Work Life Balance

It’s a no-brainer that taking time off and using up your holiday allowance, will improve your Work-Life Balance. But what if you didn’t have to solely rely on your annual holiday allowance but every weekend feels like a bit of a holiday? Could 3-Day Weekends become the next productivity trend

Our HQ team in Brighton has implemented a 4-day week, which means longer days Monday to Thursday plus a 5 day week once a month. It does also mean a long weekend 3 weeks a month and therefore more time to unwind and recharge. A survey by Optima Villas revealed that 66% of respondents are happy with their holiday allowance, but 29% of Brits said that a few extra days off each year would improve their productivity. Maybe it’s time for managers to look into the 4-day week option and see if it works for their team – because even though nobody will say “No” to more days off, the 4-day week concept doesn’t work for everyone.

If you’re wondering if 3-day weekends could improve your team’s performance, scroll through this neat Infographic from the folk over at Investmentzen. And if you’d like to find out how our Productivity Ninjas implement the 4-day week, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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