3 Tips to Promote Teamwork (One Involves Cake!)

In line with this month’s theme of teamwork, we’re sharing 3 ideas to promote Ninja preparedness, mindfulness and tech savvy when it comes communication and collaboration among teams.

1- Knock over a few silos


In a busy workplace people often hunker down in their own little world churning out work to meet demanding deadlines. In the process, an awareness of what others are up to (or up against) can fall by the wayside. Consider these tips to stay connected:

  1. Try this uniquely British activity coined by one of our UK staff – “Cake and Irate” (you may notice that cake is featured in many blogs from our UK co-workers). This is where cake is served and everyone around the table gets to voice a complaint about something that annoys them (outside of work). A few examples to get you started… “I am annoyed by Calgary drivers who don’t know the difference between a merge and a yield, or “I get aggravated by that grocery cart with a sticky wheel!”. It’s always good for a laugh and some office bonding. And of course, enjoying cake.
  2. Try a twist on the “power hour” known as the “guilt hour.” A team gathering where each person confesses to an incomplete task, followed by a one-hour work session and subsequent celebration as you all move those guilty tasks forward, or perhaps even complete them! Accountability is a very powerful motivator.
  3. Host a 10 min mindfulness session. It’s a simple way to regain a sense of calm and cohesiveness together, and it doesn’t require cake or any complicated technology.


2- Where are you?

On a given business day, it’s estimated that professionals invest over an hour attempting to contact one another. So why not create an agreement at the team level to let everyone know each others where-abouts? Try these tips:

  1. Use a simple ‘out of office’ email alert telling staff where you are.
  2. Use pop up messages when someone tries to connect via IM.
  3. Allow key staff to view your calendar to check on your availability.

Leverage the Tech!

One of the biggest challenges around team collaboration is choosing the right technology. Applications like OneNote, Evernote, Yammer or Nozbe promote effective team collaboration and (when used optimally) reduce team member’s dependence on email.

Looking for more?

Here are some more great ideas on the teamwork theme from Ninja Katy Bateson in the UK.

Learn more about how we can help with teamwork through our Making Meetings Magic workshop.

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