Fuel – The recipe for "Brain Fuel" shake!

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Here’s the recipe for my new “Brain Fuel Shake”, which I’ve been taking as part of my ‘fuel’ experiment this month.

1 teaspoon each of…

  • Chia seeds7 - fuel-03
  • Maca (Energiser and re-mineralizer),
  • Lucuma (Anti-inflammatory and supports the nervous system),
  • Camu-camu (Vitamin C powerhouse for peak mental function),
  • Spirulina (Ultimate superfood)
  • Bee pollen (Energy enhancer + will help with your hayfever)
  • Powdered raw cacao (super antioxidant)


Mix all into a glass and add 200ml of water.  Soak in the fridge overnight.

In the morning add berries, ginger or fruit and 2 scoops of Hemp Protein.  Shake or blend into a disgusting but super fuelling shake!

All of the above can be found in any health food shop, with the possible exception of Camu Camu, which I had to buy from Amazon instead.

This has been particularly recommended for me by Colette Heneghan from Optimum Living, given that I’m on the move a lot, spend a lot of time on trains and lead a busy lifestyle.  So far I haven’t worked out how I get it to taste great, but plenty of raspberries and a touch of ginger make a bearable – it’s pretty neutral-tasting anyway.

Any other recommendations for a great start to the day?

Thanks so much for such an amazing overview! Loving the idea of ‘illegal cream’ 🙂 Also excited by the addition of blueberries. They’re currently in season in the UK and bursting with flavour!

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