Keeping Your Remote Team Motivated

Whether you’re a company of one, or have a booming business with satellite employees around the globe, you know staying productive while out of an office setting can be difficult. While it’s always a smart to invest in your workplace with some productivity training, you might be able to use a few tips and tricks to keep your out-of-office employees on their toes.

Connecting with company culture and engaging with the workplace are signs of an effective employee, and it is much easier to do that while in the workplace. But some people don’t work well in an office environment.  Whether your team needs to be more flexible, works better from home, or you want to save some money on office coffee; allowing people to choose the right working environment for them is a great way to get good work out of your employees.


Your off site, satellite employees might feel connected to you, but even the most connected team, can hit some motivation slumps. As a manager, you need to give your team the power over their work, guide them into success, whether that’s through time management workshops, working out a schedule, or being clear with your expectations.


An offsite employee who is having a rough time meeting productivity levels while at home, could have some issues with scheduling their time out and dealing with the lack of office structure. I’m not saying that you should demand that they follow your schedule, but getting a closer glimpse of their day and making recommendations will help your remote employees be successful.

Time for Happiness

Ask them about the issues they’ve been having. Perhaps they just moved and they haven’t gotten used to their new surroundings. They might be ill, or they might just have trouble focusing on their work surrounded by home distractions, as compared to their office desk. Gentle guidance does a world of good, whether it’s recommending that they make a space just for workor give them tasks in a structured way during the initial transition to lead them along a path of productivity. Creating a clear path to success for your remote employees will help them get to a successful place. That outline will also open lines for more consistent, productive communication and connection to the work they are doing. Talk to them, and help them succeed.

Clear Expectations 

One way to motivate people is to be clear with what you want from your employees. If they aren’t sure about the goal that they are moving towards, then they may not want to move at all. Clear goals which are well-communicated are a fantastic way to move people forward. Telling your employees what they should do and how that furthers larger company goals will not only give them a reason to move towards, but motivate them to use creative thinking.  Help them break down what actually needs to be done and let them fly free and come up with creative solutions. 

Team motivation for success

Your satellite employees can do fantastic work for you. As long as they know what they are doing, how to get it done, and maintain a clear line of communication with you. How do you ensure your remote team stays motivated? Let us know in the comments below or @thinkproductive

By Mary Grace 

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