Productivity Apps in Test: Zenkit

Productivity Ninjas know the amazing feeling we get when we are fully on top of our work load and know what our next task needs to be to finish a project. Getting an overview of how far you’re away or how close you are to completion, can sometimes be tricky but luckily there are plenty of task management apps out there to help. We are big fans of task management apps and see their clear benefits. This time, we’ve tested Zenkit, so let’s find out if it helped us keep our zen-like calm. 


Productivity Ninja Mindfulness


Chosen App: Zenkit
Available on: Web App

Why did you pick this particular app?

The name of the app sounded really relaxing- so I was immediately intrigued to see how being ‘zen’ could work with a task management app.


Productivity Apps in Test: Zenkit


How does it work?

Zenkit works by allowing you to create different ‘collections’, or projects. Within those projects you can add specific tasks, assign due dates, and create labels.

How did you use the app (frequency/device/etc)? And what changed for you?

I used the app over the weekend to try to plan out a project I have coming up – moving in with my boyfriend. Using the app was actually so helpful, because it helped me to visualize all the steps needed for such a big project!

What was your favourite feature?

Oooh so difficult to choose! I’m someone that definitely needs to be able to see my tasks visually to get a good idea of what needs to be done in my head. Zenkit has numerous options for viewing the tasks in your ‘collection’, allowing you to switch between Kanban style, list, calendar, and even a mind map! The app also allows you to search and filter across collections, which I can see being a really useful feature, particularly if you have lots of projects on the go at the same time!

You can also add different backgrounds to your ‘collections’ which makes it that much more fun to use.



Nothing is perfect. What were the negatives of using the app?

Truthfully – the only negative I can think of is that there’s no mobile app yet! It would be fabulous to be able to bring this amazing little app with me wherever I go.

Will you continue using it? Why/Why not?

I will definitely continue to use the app – I found it so useful for organising a personal project that I can’t wait to see how it could be used for work projects.

Who would you recommend this app for?

Anyone who is a visual learner like myself!

Are you a Zenkit user? What’s your favorite task management app? Let us know in the comments below or @thinkproductive


By Caitlin Fox

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Content Manager and Executive Assistant. She is also the voice behind our Instagram account.

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