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27/6/2013 |


A productivity ninja has to have his or her ninja tools. Here’s a couple of resources our delegates have found useful in the pursuit of  ninja like productivity. Feel free to check them out, print a copy, go on you could even laminate them. Don’t say we never give you anything.

The Cord Productivity Model: Will help you make better decisions, manage your workflow and focus your attention

Ninja CORD Productivity Model diagram

 Developing your own daily and weekly checklists: The regular and intuitive rhythm of a good weekly check list ensures that when you need to take a step back and review your progress, you focus your attention and thinking on all the right things

My Weekly & Daily Checklist – Think Productive UK

Our Email Processing Diagram  The name says  it all!


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  3. Lisa

    Thank you for these…looking forward to implementing the strategies in your book!

  4. Elle

    This book was amazing. I was so stressed, before I looked at the way I was working and the advice and suggestions in this book have transformed my working day. It is a very easy readable book, which makes you look at the way you are working. I knew I was a ‘morning person’ but I didn’t think about my proactive attention times. Now I do 4 hours work in the morning and then respond to my emails just before and just after lunch, instead of looking at my emails first thing in the morning and taking nearly all day to sort them, leaving no time to do any ‘real’ work! And has anybody died because I don’t respond to my emails until the middle of the day? No! I no longer leave emails I am waiting for replies for in my inbox and have got my emails back to zero. And I am more in control of my workload, less stressed, happier at work and operate a ‘zen-like calm’ system! I would unreservedly recommend this amazing book

    • Productivity Ninja

      Hi Elle! Thank you for your great feedback. We’re so happy to hear the book helped and your journey of becoming a Productivity Ninja is going so well. Keep us posted on how it’s all going for you and spread the Productivity Ninja Love!

  5. Nick

    Took the book and read on a 2-week vacation. Have now returned to work and am applying the concepts and practices, feeling less “overwhelmed” already.

    • Productivity Ninja

      Hi Nick! That’s great to hear. Let us know if you need any help along the way.

  6. Sarah

    In your book you mention that people really liked the way that Lee has set up his Todoist – I had already been using this before reading the book (awesome btw!) so I’m intrigued to know how he has structured it – would be really good if you could add a blog about it or post on here?

    • Productivity Ninja

      Hi Sarah
      Thank you for your lovely comment. We are working on a blog post covering this – keep your eyes on the blog!
      Do let us know if we can help with anything else on your journey to becoming a Productivity Ninja.


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