The High-Performance Manager (Level 1)

Inspiring self-awareness & brilliance.

Develop the self-aware, High-Performance Manager in you, to inspire brilliance in your team.

Who is this programme for?
This Leadership & Management Programme is specifically designed for Aspiring, Supervisory, First-Line Managers or Team Leaders, focusing exclusively on the development of core operational skills and the key mindsets needed for human-centred, empowering Leadership.
[Our equivalent to CMI Levels 2 & 3]

Masterclass Topics

  • The Manager Role – Understanding your personal style as a Manager
  • Workload & Prioritisation Management (double module) – Avoid Distraction, Get Your Best Work Done and Make Space for What Matters for you and your team
  • Delegate like a Productivity Ninja – Empower your team, reclaim your time
  • Giving Feedback: We Need to Talk – Replacing fear with clarity when giving feedback
  • The Manager’s Guide to Fixing Meetings –Making meetings rare, inclusive and productive again.

Organisational Impact
We believe that whatever your level of leadership experience, the job of leaders is to lead by example and to show that by being self-aware, human-centred and sustainably productive, you can build better organisations for those around you.

We’ll show you how your job as a Leader can drive higher levels of psychological safety, kindness, resilience, engagement and performance, and ultimately, lower levels of stress, overwhelm, frustration and staff turnover.

We hope you’ll join us so that together we can transform the way people work for the better, right now.

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Inspiring self-awareness & brilliance.
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The second brain has been a game changer for me and I feel much more in control of my day-to-day - both personally and professionally. My confidence in delegating and delivering feedback to my team, particularly in difficult scenarios has also improved a lot.

Anna Bloomfield, Director, Naismiths Ltd

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