The Visionary Leader (Level 3)

Unleash kind, human leadership onto the world.

For Leaders who have the responsibility and ambition to build a human-centred, empathetic, visionary strategy and to translate it into a driving force for their organisation.

Who is this programme for?
This Leadership & Management Programme is specifically designed for Senior Leaders, Directors and C-Suite.
[Our equivalent to CMI Levels 6, 7 & 8.]

Masterclass Topics

  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence – Manage emotions. Unleash high performance.
  • The Way of the Productivity Ninja – Role modelling self-awareness, self-care and sustainable productivity.
  • Kindful Leadership – Why Caring Leaders Triumph in a Competitive World.
  • Leading and Managing Change – Mobilizing people & processes to bring change to life.
  • Cultural Strategy for Visionary Leaders – Unleashing the power of organizational culture.
  • The Secrets to Delivering a Vision – Developing & Implementing a compelling vision.

You’ll also meet weekly, in between Masterclasses in small groups, to maximise the impact of the programme. During these group coaching sessions, you will:

  • Reflect on your implementation following the previous Masterclass.
  • Troubleshoot any personal or cultural challenges.
  • Keep each other accountable.
  • Share good practice.
  • Celebrate progress.
  • Action plan.

You can join the waiting list for Cohort One of The Visionary Leader programme by getting in touch here.

Did you know?
We also run this programme in-house for your emerging Leaders. Find out more here.

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The programme was engaging, useful, relevant, clear and supportive. It opened my mind to new ideas, tools and effective methods, which in turn has refreshed my approach to work.

Helen Rouse, Programme Participant