Stay One Step Ahead

Struggling to keep up with the mundane daily tasks of the everyday? There are a few Productivity Ninja tactics that you can put into place, in order to feel as if time is on your side. It is all very simple, and you may have heard it all before, but now it is your turn to put them into practice and tackle your stress management.

Prepare Lunch the Day Before

Do not be tempted to spend your money each day on lunch in the local café or takeaway shop. Maybe once in a while as a treat for yourself, but that will not help with your productivity. Instead, prepare healthy meals that will give you energy for the rest of the day. Pack yourself a lunch the night before, so you don’t have to stress over it in the morning, or over how little money you have to buy yourself something to eat. Another easy way to avoid struggling to come up with lunch options on the spot, is to write a meal plan for the entire week, so all you really have to do is follow instructions and give your mind a break from your busy day.

Prepare for the next day


Check the weather for the next day and dress according to that. It is not enough to have in mind what you will wear, because you could forget it the next day and end up struggling with the various options you have available. As an alternative, lay them out the night before, which saves you time and effort. However, if the weather is a little ambiguous for the next day, lay out a backup outfit so that you have two to choose from, whether that be for a sunny or a rainy day.

Organise Your Bag

Regardless if it is your laptop bag or your everyday bag, it doesn’t matter, sort it out! Get into the habit of packing everything away the night before, so you are not in a rush during the morning trying to find where your latest report is or where you left your planner, which consequently result in you being late to work or you forgetting something at home.

Prepare for the next day

Plan Your Journey

It does not matter if you have been going on the same route a thousand times, always check the time for public transportation the day before. In addition, keep updated on whether any changes are made, this could include maintenance service, roads being closed, staff strikes or even full closure. This way, you can come up with an alternative route to get yourself to work. This also applies for car owners with road works and accidents happening before you leave for work.

Prepare for the next day


Yes, I have specifically made it plural, alarms. Do not simply set an alarm for when you have to wake up, but set yourself an alarm for when you have to leave the house. There are moments when we have all lost track of time with what we’re doing, and reality hits when you discover you are behind schedule. Not anymore! A small reminder is all that is needed to keep you on your feet and ready to go.

Prepare for the next day

Organizing yourself the night before, is your greatest weapon to staying one step ahead. How will you prepare for tomorrow?

By Rosie To 

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