Strengths Profiling – Uncover Your Hidden Superpower

At Think Productive, we are all about Superpowers – the hidden Warp Propulsion Power System that lies within us all, and offers the possibility of high impact, low friction work and play – if we can only find it.  And work out how to switch it on.

Well, we have found the Power System.  And we have the keys.

The Strengths Profile personal assessment tool and coaching programme enables people to understand four facets of their psychology – Realised Strengths (strengths you use and enjoy), Unrealised Strengths (strengths you don’t use as often), Learned Behaviours (things you’ve learned to do, but may not enjoy) and Weaknesses (things you find hard and don’t enjoy).  If you can map out and understand these facets via Strength Profiling, you can make good choices about how to spend your time – and that is the key to a productive and happy day, isn’t it?

Does it work? Well, yes.  Brilliantly.  We can point to real-life cases.  Such as Marketing Exec, A.  He wasn’t making the career progress that he was looking for.  After we Strengths Profiled him, it became apparent that he was stuck in a work style focused solely on his Realised Strengths of “detail-oriented” and “writing.”  It also became clear that he had Unrealised Strengths in “personalization”, and in “judgment.”  As a result, he adopted a more focused, narrative style of “trusted adviser.”  His career took off.

Or Retail Executive, L.  She was successful, but felt unfulfilled.  Her Strengths Profile assessment revealed that although her “drive” and “pride” Realised Strengths had led her to professional success, she had Unrealised Strengths around “mission” and “self-belief” that could steer her down a better path.  This fresh understanding enabled her to re-focus her life and, while maintaining professional success, to also develop a mission-based practice in her personal life.

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