The Unorthodoxy Challenge is Back!

This time last year, the Outreach team at Think Productive Headquarters launched the very first ‘Productivity Ninja’s Unorthodoxy Challenge’: thirty-one daily challenges throughout the month of July, aimed to help budding Productivity Ninjas inject a little unorthodoxy into their everyday lives, and inspire them to think outside of the box. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses we received online, and loved hearing back from those of you that decided to take part. If the title of the post didn’t already give it away for you, we’re delighted to announce that the challenge is BACK for its second year!

Before we explain a little more about what the challenge is (and how you can take part), we hear you ask: “So… what is unorthodoxy?” A quick “define: unorthodox” Google search will tell you that the unorthodox is simply that which is “contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted”. To the Productivity Ninja, however, unorthodoxy is much more that this.

As one of the nine characteristics of the Productivity Ninja, unorthodoxy is about being unafraid to stray from the usual route to ‘getting things done’. It’s about pushing boundaries, being willing to question the status quo, and focusing more on the end result and less about how to get there. And, perhaps above all else, it’s about openness: being open to new ideas, open to change, and open to doing something differently.

Get involved! 

We’ll be releasing unorthodoxy-inspired challenges every day throughout July, to help you break out of your usual routine and try something new. You’ll find them posted from our  Twitter account at 9.00am every morning, and we’ll update this post on weekdays shortly after. We’ll also be using #NinjaChallenge, so make sure to Tweet @thinkproductive or using this hashtag to let us know how you’re doing!

The Productivity Ninja’s Unorthodoxy Challenge 2.0

Day 1: Go for a 15-minute walk
Day 2: Don’t check your social media for the rest of the day
Day 3: Document your day in photographs
Day 4: Clear your desk
Day 5: Try something new for lunch
Day 6: Substitute your caffeine intake with a healthier option
Day 7: Take out an hour for personal development today
Day 8: Avoid looking at the clock all day
Day 9: Have breakfast in bed
Day 10:  Prepare lunch for tomorrow
Day 11: Suit up
Day 12: Make time for your recommended 30 minutes of cardio
Day 13: Have lunch with your team
Day 14: Find an inspirational video and share it with a friend
Day 15: Donate something to a charity shop
Day 16: Don’t use your phone for 2 hours
Day 17: National Ice cream day: Try a new flavor
Day 18: Walk to Work/Home
Day 19: Learn 5 phrases in a new language
Day 20: Meditate for 30 minutes today
Day 21: Hold a morning meeting and share some good news
Day 22: Hit 10,000 steps
Day 23: Unplug and spend the day outside
Day 24: Bake something and bring it into the office tomorrow
Day 25: Listen to a new Podcast
Day 26: Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier
Day 27: Decorate your desk
Day 28: Do what you pushed yesterday
Day 29: Write down your problems, then rip it up
Day 30: Try out a new activity
Day 31: Move your alarm clock away from your bed


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