Turn Your Stress Into Productivity

Stress is something that everyone suffers from at some point, both personally and professionally and what better week to light some light on Stress Management than Stress Awareness Week. Everybody has the desire to eliminate stress from their lives. However, stress can be good for you if it is leveraged for productivity. Who knew? In the workplace stress is usually the driver to complete work before a deadline, implement creative problem solving and preventing daily crises’. Our Productivity Ninjas try to keep stress levels to a minimum, as they know that stress in excess prevents productivity. We don’t only ‘Walk the Talk’ but also share our ways through out Time Management Workshops

It’s difficult to perform at 100% when you are too busy thinking about extraneous issues or affected by a stressful situation. Although, there is positive stress, realizing and separating this type of stress can allow you to leverage it, to become more productive. A few examples of how to do this effectively can be found in the below Infographic by NetCredit.

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Turn Stress Into Productivity

By Miles Singleton 

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