What Do Productivity Ninja Teams Need?

Working in a team has many benefits – not just for the quality of your work and the efficiency but also for our happiness at work. Productivity as well as enthusiasm increases as soon as we’re a part of a great team. What makes a team great? And especially, what does a team made of Productivity Ninjas need? Is it all in our email etiquette? Our meeting skills or does it all depend on the time management training we attended? Let’s find out… 

‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.’ – Michael Jordan


Perhaps the most crucial thing a good team needs is the ability to freely communicate with one another. Eradicate the fear of speaking up, because you want your team to speak the truth, in order to be more effective in the way each person approaches their work. This helps address problematic situations that could become worse, especially if it is not dealt with immediately. Furthermore, it avoids miscommunication where messages can be incorrectly interpreted, which results in mistakes occurring.

Productivity Ninja Team


Creativity is more than just a physical trait that people witness through actors, artists and musicians. It incorporates a different way of thinking and approaching a task. Having a team where they have the opportunity to be creative with their work, assists with productivity as it increases one’s mood and desire to make their work better. It promotes originality and inventiveness.


On the other hand, you need to be able to balance out creativity with strategy, so that creativity can be met with practicality, turning those ideas into something tangible. With you all having the same clear goal in mind that everyone is striving towards, it provides a sense of direction and attention to what needs to be worked on. Putting into place practical and measurable steps will prove beneficial for the team to all be able to move at the right pace, together.

Productivity Ninja Team


Being able to support one another, both in success and failure, is vital for productivity, security, and unity. A social support encourages team members not to give up, and learning that failure is just an opportunity to make even better what they previously intended upon. This ensures that the distance of the fall can be prevented if everyone is there to catch them before impact. In addition, it gives a sense of stability, which reassures workers that they are not alone in their work, revealing a stronger bond between co-workers.

Productivity Ninja Team


A good team requires a person who can lead everyone successful onto achieving more than they could do on their own. This should be someone with a vision to help others grow and develop, as well as someone who others can look towards for guidance, admiration and removal of fear when speaking up at times that can be trying. With a good leadership in place, it can help improve work ethic in employees, since they have a clearer understanding of what is expected of them.

Communication, Creativity, Strategy, Support and Leadership are all driven by productivity and by putting the right tools in place. Make life easier for your team and sign up for one of our many options of Productivity Training.
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By Rosie To 

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