Where is it stuck?

You probably have a few items on your to-do list that have been hanging around for a few weeks or even months.

These items are not pets.  There are no prizes for keeping a long list.

What is stopping you from actually making progress?  Maybe it’s other higher priority work getting in the way?

But perhaps it’s more subtle than that.

Congestion sign

>  Do you really know what making progress will mean for those items?

> Are you clear on the next, physical actions?

> Are you scared or intimidated by the task ahead?

> Is there some thinking and definition still left to be done before progress can be made?

Often our lack of thinking or lack of clarity is more of a problem than we’re willing to admit to ourselves.  So my invitation to you today is simple: review your lists, think about your thinking and get some clarity.

From such clarity, momentum will emerge.  And your list will be a few items lighter.

Good luck!


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