5 Apps To Streamline And Supercharge Your Personal Productivity

I believe that being truly efficient isn’t just about productivity at work, but also about streamlining and engineering every aspect of your life so that you can make the most of every day. In our world, this requires truly unconventional approaches.

The following personal productivity apps aren’t your standard to-do list, project management and calendar standbys, but they’re ones the Ridiculously Efficient team use multiple times a day, and simply can’t live without. We hope you find them equally priceless.

Google Keep


Google Keep is Google’s answer to a notetaking app. It’s basically a collection of your own interactive sticky notes that also integrates photos and audio. Create checklists for your next grocery haul, jot down brainstorming notes, or keep a photo of that contractor’s business card handy. Keep also syncs with your Google account so that you can access your notes on any device.

Prime Now

amazon prime now

With Amazon’s Prime Now, you can get almost anything delivered in two hours or less. You can place orders for tens of thousands of items in stores in your area, eliminating the need to sit in traffic or stand in long lines. With this service, you will no longer find yourself in the “I forgot to get _____ when I was at the store” or “I just broke _____ and need to replace it” situations. I’ve used this to get everything from dryer ducts to Halloween laser lights, milk, hiking boots and drawer dividers delivered to my door in about 90 minutes. Currently, this pilot program is being rolled out in major U.S. cities, with an expected international rollout to follow.



Zeel is basically the equivalent of Uber for in-home massages. It enables self-care on demand. What I love about this is that you don’t need to make the time investment of visiting a day spa, which often requires making reservations in advance (and, of course, leaving your actual house). Just like Uber, Zeel automatically charges you for the massage plus tip, so you can focus more energy on relaxing. (Zeel is only available in the U.S., but StyleSeat is a great alternative for booking beauty and wellness appointments in your area.)



Yummly is a recipe-finding app that takes recipes from all over the Web and puts them into one, easy-to-find place. Find recipes through the search feature, or look through the personalized suggestions, which are based on your own tastes. Easily save meals for later and add ingredients to an ongoing grocery list. I swear by this app to save time scouring different blogs for recipe ideas, and to keep all the recipes for a weekly meal plan saved in one place.



You’ve got an upcoming trip. When’s the best time to book flights so that you get the best price? Hopper simplifies the travel research process using pricing algorithms and Big Data. Simply input your travel plans, and the app will suggest the best time to purchase tickets for a good price. You even get push reminders when fares are in danger of going up. It’s literally that easy.

By Marissa Brassfield 

Marissa Brassfield is the founder and CEO of Ridiculously Efficient Inc. She helps high-performing millennials supercharge their productivity with personalized routines and strategies to enable their best, fastest results. 

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