5 Best Ways To Celebrate Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is not a myth, just a form of email management that not everyone either knows about or is committed to. It’s hard to keep total control over your inbox when you have a flood of emails pounding their way through your screen. There are ways to deal with that, mind you, but we’ll leave that for another post.

Whenever anyone gets to Inbox Zero, there’s always a sigh of relief and immediate feeling of calm and control. Battling through all those emails in a ruthless manner deserves a reward – and we’ve come up with our favourites.

1. Bake

Productivity Ninja Baking

An empty inbox equals a lot less stress, and nothing can be calmer and more peaceful than baking.

2.Go To The Pub

Pub Wine Celebrate Productivity Ninja

You’ve worked hard all week, and you pass and resist around 20 pubs on the commute to and from work every evening. Celebrate Inbox Zero like the true champion you are with a celebratory drink down with your co-workers, family or friends.

3. Eat Cake

Cake Love Productivity Ninja

Who doesn’t like cake? And if you’ve baked it yourself, you can enjoy it even more!

4. High Five Everyone In The Office

Office High Five Boss Productivity Ninja

Challenge accepted.(Extra points if you manage to high five the boss!)

5. Go Zorbing

Zorb Celebrate Productivity Ninja

For the adrenaline junkies amongst us, nothing says that you’ve cleared your inbox quite like screaming it at the top of your lungs as you roll down a steep muddy hill in an inflatable ball…

Still struggling with reaching Inbox Zero? Book on to our Inbox Zero workshop, where we can get your entire team’s inbox to zero in just three hours.

You can check out more ideas we’ve had for ways to celebrate reaching inbox zero on our Fun Point Treats pinterest board

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