Extreme Productivity Experiments: Ruthless Kindness

Following on from the difficulties of September, October 2013 continued to be difficult for Graham. Think Productive was busier than ever, increasing stress levels in the office to the highest they had ever been and with Graham having to balance his time between his work and his family, times were becoming more and more difficult. What was needed amongst all the stress and everyone around him was some ruthless kindness. 

‘If you can resolve stress, then you can resolve and improve productivity. They are pretty much the same thing in many ways. I wanted to use ‘kindness’ as a secret weapon and tool for productivity.’

After a few months of difficulty and problems, everything worked out well in the end. We hope you feel inspired by Graham’s recap of his extreme productivity experiment!

As you heard towards the end of the video, Graham took the month of November off so check back with us next Thursday to hear all about Grahams final month in the Extreme Productivity Experiments series.

Are you feeling out by constantly having to be switched on and finding no time to find your work-life balance?  Want to achieve more during your day in the office? Look into our Stress Less, Achieve More workshops.

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