How to Delegate (Like a Ninja)

There are certain key skills to getting things done in your daily working life.

In this post, Think Productive UK founder Graham Allcott gives a few examples of good delegation!


Finding other people to do your work for you (or delegate) is a great way to get more done.

This is unorthodox for a number of reasons, but consider first that you are unlikely to be able to claim credit for your actions and also that things may turn out differently to how you had imagined. If you’re prepared to tolerate that, it’s a great tactic.

Better still, work out from your project list which of the projects you could afford to have others work on in different ways, or that you care least about. These are the ones to add to your “delegation” list.

Here are three common forms of stealth delegation. As a Ninja, you might well discover your own techniques, too (lets hear about them in the comments below!).


Piggy Backing

Advertising your offer through someone else’s mailout, launching your new product at someone else’s event or ‘borrowing’ their contact list to launch something jointly. If momentum exists elsewhere in the world, jump on board.

Partners In Crime

Cultivating ‘partners-in-crime’: looking for the ‘win-win’ opportunities to work with equally savvy, equally useful and equally inspiring people.


Find people who’ve done the research, got a recommendation, learned the hard way and are eager to give their advice so that you don’t make the same mistakes. A five-minute phone call to get a personal recommendation is much easier than an hour Google searching the best solution. Find people whose opinions you trust – and trust them!



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