When the Clock is Ticking

60 Minutes-03-03

This month, I am working 60 minutes a day.  Usually, at 2.30-3.30pm.  After a morning of doing as I please, I set the clock and get to work.  When the clock is ticking down from 60 minutes…

– I realise the need to separate thinking from doing.  Right now, the last thing I need is to be thinking, prioritising or analysing what’s possible.  I don’t have time for indecision.

– I despise email more than usual

– I notice how much of what I usually accept can be dismissed, with little consequence

– I realise how much of what a manager or leader does is really about maintaining, not creating.  And I long for the time and space to create new things again.

– I despair at the growing list of tasks, yet…

– I wonder what the hell I used to do when I had seven or eight hours

– I delete like a bitch and delegate like a demon

I worry about the people I’m delegating to

– I think about the idea of bottlenecks: no matter how hard I try, I become the bottleneck on so many things.  I need to work on how I empower and create permission for people.  Initiative is grown on a foundation of the safe space to make mistakes.

– I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve created to be able to explore this idea of “work-life balance”

– I conclude that 7 hours a week is probably not enough time to create the impact I want to create… yet 40 hours a week would be embarrassingly plentiful.


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