Ready to Go Back to University?

The new academic year is the opportunity to get out of old habits, and start again. Leave behind your mistakes and take this is as a chance to develop your strengths and tackle your weaknesses. Make it a year to remember, for all the RIGHT reasons!


As a returning student, you should know the drill by now when it comes to pre-readings. You will be sent a list of pre-readings to complete before your course begins, and it is your duty to complete it. Think of it this way, you are paying a substantial amount of money towards getting an education, so make sure you get the most out of it.

Academic Books

Typically, you should receive a reading list over the summer for the entire year. It is more helpful to buy your required readings as soon as possible, because around the time you are expected to have read the books, there is normally a shortage in stock. The last minute rush usually leaves a few students desperately scrounging around for copies. Use your Productivity Ninja Preparedness!

Knowledge Ninja


From student finance, to rent and bills, make sure that before you begin the new academic year, that all the financial side of things are sorted out. It is less stressful as a result, knowing that you are financially supported and organised, instead of worrying about sorting it out on top of your studies during the year.

Uni Finances

Be Open to New Experiences

You may have been here for a year already, or even two years, perhaps even more! However long, one thing is for sure, each year always brings something new, this being a surprise and new experience. Besides the academic side to university, there is also a social side which promises a chance to explore and do something different. Be part of a world that is open-minded and open-hearted.

If you’re worried about getting organised and making sure you get it all done in time, we might be able to take some stress away through helping you become a Knowledge Ninja.

Have a great start into the new academic year and don’t forget to share your experience with us @thinkproductive

By Rosie To 

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