Why teams need managers with zen-like calm

One of the subjects that features in our team productivity training, is the trait of Zen-like calm.

This is the ability to remain focused and not be stressed by everything going on around you.

In this post we hear why managers need to stay calm, when the going gets tough!

If you manage a sales team and it’s approaching the end of the month – a time when your team’s results become a reflection of your own performance – the heat is on.

At that moment you might feel frustrated that your team are slightly under target and you’re feeling a lack of control that despite all your best efforts, they’re still not performing as they should.

You want to lash out in anger, whereas of course what they really need is a more patient, arm-around-the-shoulder pep talk to give them the motivation and belief they need to get over the line.

Those that recognise, listen to and reign in their own stress to the point that they make a more intelligent decision about how to act are the champions.

The key is ruthless focus, Zen-like calm and above all, the ability to be self-aware enough that you recognise these needs at the right time.

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> Use Your Head – Be sure you’re not forgetting important things by keeping all your support information in a  system – not in your head

> Trust your system – Briefly but regularly, reviewing HOW you work will help you promote clearer thinking

> Realise you’ll never get everything done – select the right things to do

> Keep in good physical shape – this will reduce stress and give your brain focus and energy

> Be prepared and organised – ready for when times get rough.

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