Christmas is Coming to Town. Are You Ready?

Christmas is finally nearly here. Although, as exciting as that is, most of us Productivity Ninjas still have to work until the year end. In a time of such celebration and festivities comes an array of distractions. Distractions are a common occurrence. However, at this festive time we do find ourselves looking at more Christmas sales than we should. So how can you productively prepare for finishing the year and avoiding those ever so enticing distractions? In this article, we will give you some tips, so grab those mince pies from your desk drawer and get reading. 

We all understand that come December there is a surge of celebratory events. Whether this is family events, social gatherings or parties in the office. Here at Think Productive we understand that it is difficult to get work done with so many distractions. Therefore, to overcome this, planning must be performed early. The year is drawing to an end, so despite your natural instinct to slow down; work smart and push through it. Here are some tips you can follow to fully prepare for the festivities.

Productivity Ninja Christmas Preparedness

Writing Your Christmas List 

Nope, this doesn’t relate to what present you will be hoping to get come Christmas day. This is a list of the tasks that you need to complete before the year comes to a close. During holiday periods, a significant number of hours are lost to events and typical distractions. Giving you less time to get things done. By creating a list and prioritizing tasks early, you can be safe in knowing that you have done your part. Don’t forget that everyone will be getting busier the closer it comes to the new year. So, pick the tasks that are critical, for example allocating your Training Budget for your preferred Time Management Workshops and get the necessary people on board early, you don’t want to be left doing those jobs yourself now, do you?

Productivity Ninja Tips

Your Team. Your Family. 

It’s easy to get caught in your own bubble around Christmas time. There’s so much going on and you’re most likely exceptionally busy, however, this feeling is shared by your co-workers. The team you work with every day becomes a sort of family, as such, you should lend a hand where you can and all help each other. Managers, you should encourage your team to get involved with the festivities together and arrange celebrations together. This may include small gestures such as getting the coffee round, exchanging small gifts or perhaps having the odd team lunch. The improved relationship between your team is essential to work together efficiently and effectively. Something which is necessary in such a busy time.

Make Valuable Connections.

When people get busy they become harder to get in contact with. However, most people make time for significant events such as the office party or fundraisers, etc. Utilize this and get talking to them. This is an opportunity to make valuable connections with people you may not normally get a chance to speak to. This, however, is not the time to try and close business. In this period people are thinking of big ideas to implement in the new year. So, discussion of your potential plans with some of the key individuals in the business may help kick-start the project. Who knows, you could end up getting a great Christmas present in the end?

Shop Before You Drop

Christmas is a time of celebrations with the people you love. Consequently, the people you love usually deserve a gift or two, right? We all know how hectic our personal life becomes around Christmas, never mind in the workplace. Often leading to last minute gift shopping and the endless errands both before and after work. This can cause a lot of stress and have an adverse effect on your work and morale. Plan to get as many personal tasks done early on. Productivity Ninja Preparedness will reduce errands, stress and the need to run out and get wrapping paper on Christmas Eve. Allowing you to be happier and focus on those end of year tasks at work.

Ninja Preparedness

Get Into the Festive Spirit

Wish to know a key to being more productive during the festive time? Be less stressed. The more relaxed you are and the better your morale, the more likely you are to focus on the task at hand. This can be done at Christmas by getting into the spirit of celebration. With so many events on, many people can find it stressful. Try getting involved with the office atmosphere, whether that be the party, after-work drinks or secret Santa. A bonus effect of getting involved in the company festivities is the bonding with co-workers. Extremely helpful when you perhaps need a hand with a few tasks at the end of the month. Don’t forget to also allocate time to yourself. Time to relax and de-stress. With so much going on it’s also time to just step back for a moment and breath.

If you and your team need to be more productive this festive season and in the new year, one of our Productivity Ninja’s are at hand to help. Check out our Time Management Training to see if we can give you the gift of productivity this Christmas.

How do you prepare for the festive season? Let us know in the comment box below or tweet us @thinkproductive

By Miles Singleton 

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