Workshop Terms of Business

The following Terms of Business apply as soon as you have confirmed a Workshop Booking with us.  They are designed to provide clarity and peace of mind for you and for us.  If you have any questions about them, please ask.


1.1 These terms clarify the agreement between Think Productive (known as TP) and the client for the provision of consultancy services within English Law.

1.2 These terms are designed to protect the rights of all parties for all work performed and to align mutual expectations of engagement and are shown openly to form our contracted conditions of work.


2.1 Fees are agreed in advance and are not subject to change unless stated in writing.

2.2 For Workshops delivered in the UK, Trainer’s subsistence and travel expenses, plus postage of any workshop materials are included in the Fee unless otherwise stated.

2.3 For Workshops delivered outside the UK, Trainer’s subsistence and travel expenses, plus the postage of any workshop materials will be charged to the client on the final invoice, unless otherwise stated.  Think Productive will always endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.  In addition to this, a fixed £250 “Ninja Travel Fee” is applied to all Workshops delivered outside the UK to compensate the Trainer for the travel time.

2.4 For Workshops delivered in the UK, VAT is not included in the fee and will be charged at the standard UK rate.

2.5 For Workshops delivered outside the UK, VAT is not included in the fee and is not applicable.  For Online/Webinar workshops, VAT will be charged at the standard UK rate if applicable in the country the Client is based in.

2.6 Payment is usually due on completion of the project unless otherwise stated in writing.  The following are exceptions to this:

a) Projects delivered outside the UK are chargeable 50% of the Workshop Fee in advance (this is non-refundable under any circumstances and 50% on completion.

b) Projects with a total value of £10,000 or more are chargeable 50% in advance and 50% on completion.

c) Projects that are grant-funded are charged 100% in advance or by separate written agreement with the client.

2.7 Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date unless previously agreed in writing with the client. Delayed payment will incur a late-payment fee which will be 10% of the invoice total for each period of 30 days that payment is delayed.  TP reserve the right to suspend any further work for the client. Late payment charges reflect current statutory legal obligations on all UK purchasers.

2.8 Invoices are issued by Think Productive within a week of workshop delivery and will include all the sessions delivered to your organisation in that same week.

Where multiple sessions have been booked across several weeks/months, Think Productive will issue separate invoices after each week of delivery.

2.9 Please be aware that should you need to pay by credit card, Think Productive will need to raise a PayPal invoice and any additional charges incurred as a result will be added to your invoice.


3.1 Reports, documents and advice from TP to the client are for the sole use of the client and should not be divulged to third parties without the prior consent of TP.

3.2 Confidential information provided by the client for the delivery of the project by TP will not be divulged to third parties without the prior consent of the client.


4.1 Both parties will safeguard each others’ respective intellectual property so that any ideas, documents and proprietary rights will be the assigned property of the initiating author.

4.2 TP copyright is assigned to the client only for internal use under each individual project terms of reference.

4.3 TP and the client can publish project successes to share learning outcomes with relevant parties.  Consent will be sought from any individuals before publishing their names or any other details.


5.1 TP will work to agreed terms of reference on the basis that these do not imply warranties or guarantees.

5.2 Work is reliant on information and support from the client and TP is not liable for any consequential losses.

5.3 TP performance is subject to the timely supply of support information and facilities by the client.

5.4 The client will provide a projector and VGA cable for use by TP on the workshop day.

5.5 Liability for any loss or damage sustained by either party as a result of the performance or non-performance of work shall be limited to the amount of the payments falling due under this Agreement. 


6.1 A cancellation fee is payable if the client terminates specific time booked with TP on the following basis:

1 week or less notice given – 75% of fee payable[1]

2 weeks or less notice given – 50% payable

3 weeks or less notice given – 25% payable

More than 3 weeks notice – no fee payable, unrecoverable expenses reimbursed only

6.2 All out-of-pocket expenses incurred by TP on behalf of the client shall become payable irrespective of the date of termination.  VAT would still be chargeable in this instance.

6.3 Cancellation fees are primarily in place to compensate our trainers and we pass on the cancellation fee to them on the same basis as above.  Where a date is moved rather than cancelled and the trainer agrees, we will do our best to reduce the fee or charge no fee but cannot guarantee to do so.

6.4   Force Majeure: If either party is delayed or prevented from performing its obligations under these Terms of Business, by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the agreed workshop delivery shall be suspended and a new workshop date will be agreed by both parties within 1 month of the cancellation date.


[1]  This includes cancellation on the workshop day due to the client not providing access to a workshop room booked for the session, a working projector and/or a working VGA cable.